My images are of the natural landscape. This means that the hand of man should not be present or at least not be obtrusive. With the ever increasing influence that man is making on the environment, natural landscape photography is becoming an ever increasing challenge. We are all aware that many birds and animals are in danger of extinction. The natural landscape is under a similar stress from the ravages of man and is equally in danger of extinction.

My interest in the natural landscape began in my youth while living in the Pacific Northwest. It was always a pleasure to get away from all the influences of modern civilization and enjoy the beauty of nature.

While I was in college I spent four summers working for the US Forest Service in the North Cascades Mountains in the state of Washington. This is a unique wilderness area with many mountain peaks, glaciers, and secluded valleys. All this natural beauty would be destroyed with any intrusion by man. This experience gave me an opportunity to understand the need to set aside land and allow nature to run it course uninterrupted by man.

I have lived here in Florida for the past 25 years. Florida is indeed a challenging place for landscape photography. Here there are no mountains, no waterfalls, and no rushing streams to use for landscape subjects. The natural beauty of the Florida landscape takes lots of patience and close attention to detail to fully appreciate. It is also very fragile and under a lot of pressure from many sources. We need to save as much wilderness land as we can, while we can, otherwise the natural landscape will only exist in photographs for future generations.

Of course the subject matter is not all there is to photography. Nature gives us too much to see and comprehend. I must find a composition that makes order out of chaos. If my photography is to be fine art, I must select specific lines, shapes, and textures to create an artistic image.

My photoghaphs are taken with a large format camera which allows all the fine detail to be shown. I also do all my own darkroom work.